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The Prints

Aluminum Wall Panels


 “In the age of plastic, quality can still exist.”

Quality hand made products are what makes us happy. We get satisfaction from creating as much as possible by our own human hands. The world seems to have a superficial love affair with synthetic garbage. We don't sell that. We want your memories to last not fade out.


RenderDC makes as much as possible by hand. Only a few products are outsourced...we try to focus on the mid to high end so we don't experience common problems from poorly made products.


The Heirloom Album

We do All types of high quality custom designed Photo Books. After a shoot is complete you will have many photos that you could put into a book. These aren’t your typical photo books, as they all have lay flat pages and high quality printing, capturing a high gamut for those that can see colour vividly!

Our prints are one of a kind! Once you have your photos completed, we retouch and output your images onto the perfectly paired material for your style and taste. We print directly on to sheet metals and incorporate old and new materials into the image making it a fine art showcase.

Custom built Back Walls

Standard sizes that are available. Any size can be made to suit.

Add unique elements of creativity to your favorite room by linking Metal panels together to create one large image or a mosaic of your favorite photos or designs. This product has no size limit!

> Link as many as you want

> Cover entire walls

One of our very custom products is the use of old used wood sourced from Saskatchewan, B.C. and Alberta. Very unique and beautifully crafted with modern hardware. Make an impression, stylish and modern.

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